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      • Router Update
        We got some news about the router update. It hasn't happened yet.
        We decided we need to get new hardware all together and then transfer the router to it.

        As usual, check back here to find out when the downtime is going to be scheduled.
        We don't like to take anybody

      • Fedora Core
        As you know we only use Linux and more specifically Fedora Core OS' here at Etonic Networks.

        We thought we'll give you an update on what's going on here as far as the router upgrade. Well it's still underway, not really!
        Hopefully this week we'll

      • Core Router Issue
        The scheduled core router upgrade did not go according to plan. We encountered several problems along the way such as bad fiber boards, and routing tables issues.
        After a few hours of struggling, we decided it wasn't a good idea to keep our customers waiting any longer so we stopped the pr

      • Core router #1 faild on Tuesday
        Oh no! Core router #1 is humming, no lights, dead. After swearing up and down the datacenter we realized we should do something about it. Duhhh!

        Our second core router took over the load but not after we realized it was not redundant. We had to move an entire segment over (phys

      • Lights out?
        As we get more servers, more services and so many customers with high demands we noticed we have had some power outages lately.

        Thus, we have must get large UPS systems installed. The current ones just don't cut it anymore with the addition of so many new servers.


      • We just got new hardware
        This is just a stock image to make this look more pleasing. We recently just cut a check, (WE'VE CUT A BIG CHECK) and bought a bunch of new servers.

        Of course we did not want to settle for cheap sh*t but did not want to buy Dell or Compaq either.
        Making the long stor