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  • 2019
    • March
      • Web is 30 Years Old - What We Love and Hate About It
        Since the World Wide Web just turned 30, we are going to tell you what we love and what we hate about it has become.

        Let's face it, the Web is awesome. You can't live without it. Honestly, it has come to the point where we rely on it more and more for the most insign

  • 2018
    • June
      • Intermittent Connectivity
        We're currently experiencing intermittent connectivity with our uplink provider. We are working diligently to solve the issue.
        You may experience dropouts that last anywhere between 10 to 90 seconds.

        For the time being just try to reload or reconnect.

        Please check b

  • 2017
    • December
      • 2AXS Cloud Slowness
        2axs services are currently experiencing major service issues.
        Both uploads and downloads are currently very slow. We are working to figure out the cause of this problem.

        Please check back here for further updates as they become available.

        Admin - 12/13/2017 @

    • November
      • Fake Scam Call from Our Phone Numbers - Please Read
        Today we have received a high volume of calls from a bunch of angry people claiming we called their number offering our services or some sort of scam.

        Let me assure you, we do not cold call anyone, nor do we have a 3rd party doing such services for us. Whomever is doing this is not affili

    • August
      • 2AXS Cloud Services
        2AXS services currently unavailable.

        7:48AM - We're currently working to determine the root cause of this issue.
        Please stay tuned for updates.

        7:59AM - The problem has been resolved. All systems are operational.


    • June
      • New Carrier
        With a short downtime of less than 5 minutes we managed to get all services back up and purring. With new additional benefits to our core network, all services are back online.
        If you experience outages please open a support ticket.

        Thank you



    • April
  • 2016
    • December
      • Spammers and Email Abusers

        We as a service provider try to always comply with the Internet regulations and be as flexible as possible while communicating with other servers over the Internet; all while trying to stay secure.

        The Internet is a huge network of interconnected smaller networks that communic

    • April
      • Intermittent Connectivity
        Finally last evening around 8PM the switch was replaced. Everything seems to be back to normal. The downtime was smaller than expected, only about 5 minutes or so.


        Update! :(
        As of yesterday, the new Cisco switch that was ordered ca

  • 2015
    • September
      • Domain Registration and Renewal Issue
        It has come to our attention that there is/was an issue renewing domains for 10 years...

        As per ICANN, one cannot renew or register a domain for more than 10 years. The problem arises when your domain has not expired and you renew for 10 years. At that point, the request bounc

  • 2014
    • July
      • Power Distribution Unit Failure

        The problem turned out to be a faulty UPS. The problem is temporarily resolved to get the services up and running again.

        We are scheduling a planned maintenance window of about 2 hours for this unit shortly. Stay tuned.

        Admin @ 7:00PM

    • March
      • .COM and .NET
        Ever wonder how complicated it would be to go from one simple idea on a sheet of paper to a real website with your very own .COM?

        Well it's much easier than it looks. Empowered by Verisign and hosted by Etonic Networks, you can get that done in a matter of minutes.

      • DataVault Cloud - Scheduled Maintenance
        Our storage cluster will get upgraded over this coming weekend, so outages and inconsistent data across servers can occur.

        We expect to get the whole thing wrapped up by 12:00AM on Sunday - March 9th.
        Any issues beyond that please feel free to contact support.

        - Admin

  • 2013
    • December
      • Control Panel Issues
        Status Open

        Our top level registrar is under heavy DDOS attack. Our backend connection to them is very random at this time.

        You may or may not be able to make changes to your current registrations, or place orders for new ones.
        Our control panel remains 100% o

    • April
      • Email Service Migration
        Status: Completed!

        Our email infrastructure will soon be migrated to a different platform to improve performance.
        We have scheduled a window of about 5 hours. Email will not be available for domain during this period.
        All other hosted domains should not be affected b

      • Happy Birthday - Etonic Networks is Turning 14 today!
        WOW, we're turning 14 today.

        You can leave comments here and send us your wished or hate messages. We take those too.


    • February
      • Data Cloud Upload Issue
        Ever since Chrome V24* came out, we noticed upload problems.

        Most people were unable to upload files larger than 1Mb in size. The upload would simply present you with a "successful" message, but the file would end up being corrupted if larger than 1Mb in size.

    • January
      • Email Service Maintenance
        We're undergoing maintenance on our email cluster. We expect this to take no longer than 2-3 hours at the most.

        As always, no email will be lost or missed. All incoming mail is being queued for later delivery.

        Check this post later for updates and announcements

  • 2012
    • October
      • Connectivity Issues
        Today, our entire network is experiencing intermittent network connectivity. :(
        We're working with our uplink provider to resolve the issue.

        Expect the worst (not being able to connect to some or all of our services) for the better part of this afternoon.

      • Web Hosting - Cheap is Just Cheap
        How do I choose my next web host? How do I choose a web host period? Should I go with the cheap web host just because of the price? What if I don't know anything about web hosting or websites in general?

        These may be some of the questions you ask yourself. There are many,

    • August
      • 30 Day Email Policy
        As of August 1st, we finally implemented the auto purge function on all email servers.

        What that means to you is that every day each mail server will remove all spam and all deleted email messages that are older than 30 days on per account basis.

        Some users like to

    • June
      • E-mail Users - Be Proactive!
        Some of you have been complaining that after logging into webmail, it takes a bit too long for your webmail panel to load up.

        Now, after some investigation is turns out that those of you who complained, have WAY to many messages in your inbox.
        If you'd like a very f

    • April
      • Happy Birthday to us.
        Etonic Networks is turning 13 years old today.

        As our 13th Birthday came up, our main SSL certificate expired, so if you get a warning, don't panic. We're working on getting it replaced asap.


      • Phone System
        Our new phone system is operational. If you need support just dial extension 203. You may need to leave a message, but we will return your call as soon as possible.

        Call 484-545-1020 for both sales or support and follow the prompts.


    • January
      • Filer1 Scheduled Maintenance
        The raid has a failing drive, so we're going to replace it tonight.

        Due to this scheduled downtime, some of the services will be unavailable. The following systems/services will be affected (in no particular order):

        -data vault
        -picture gallery
        -no server s

      • Vote Against SOPA

        We as owners of Etonic Networks urge congress to vote against SOPA. It will completely kill our business and many others like ours. This completely demolishes innovation and incentives to create and be productive in this country.
        This is the first step in getting socialism and comm

  • 2011
    • December
      • Server Maintenance
        We're undergoing server maintenance. This will last mostly throughout the better part of the day. The following servers/services are affected:

        services: data vault, picture gallery
        servers: host73, filer1, mx, cust02, cust01, jack

        Check back here for updat

    • November
      • Data Vault
        Most of you have already noticed that data vault services and of course your picture galleries are currently unavailable.

        We have had a major disk filer problem in the past couple of days. Services were very spotty and unreliable, therefore we decided to take the filer down for maintenanc

    • June
      • DNS Outage
        We've been experiencing some sporadic DNS outages. Some websites and domains may still be unreachable. This is in part due to DNS server changes to overcome UPS upgrades.

        If you're still experiencing issues within the next 24 hours, please contact support.

      • Scheduled Power Grid / UPS Maintenance
        Mark your calendars! Do it now.

        We're scheduling a complete datacenter outage for about 1-2 hours on Thursday, June 9th 2011 @ 7:00PM EST.
        This is due to a major UPS upgrade to our core network gear and servers.
        As always, we're going to perform the transition in stage

    • March
      • Email Spam
        We try to fight spam as best as we can without (hopefully) disrupting email traffic.
        Doing so we need your help to improve spam detection.

        What that means is simple, rather than simply deleting your spam messages, click on the "Mark As Spam" button to move the m

      • New Webmail System
        Webmail is very critical for most of our customers. Without disrupting any email service, we have implemented a new webmail service to slowly replace the old one.
        This is currently only for users that own email addresses such as .
        Any other hosted domain is being slowly por

      • Spam Filtering @ Etonic
        We use the following block lists for spam mitigation:

        These filtering methods among other internal ones are used to combat spam on a per message basis.

        Always check your spam folder and remember your spam box gets flushed out once every 30 days. Once flu

    • February
      • How Many Databases do I get with my Domain?
        Usually each hosted domain gets 1 mySQL database that is fully manageable by the user and it has no size limitations.

        If you for some reason need to add extra databases, please contact support for further assistance.
        Control Panel will not allow you to add more than 1 da

      • Web Hosting Control Panel - How Long Does it Take...?
        Our custom control panel is a very unique beast. It is fast and works great but lots of times there are just too many users on it at the same time - all making changes to their domains, adding, removing users, adding new hosting, email hosting, buying new domains... etc.

        All t

      • How to I access my email via webmail?
        Each domain has access to its private version of webmail. Simply point your browser to and login with your credentials.
        Of course, replace with your actual domain name.

        Remember, your full e-mail address is required for username, not just

      • What are my email servers and settings for my domain?
        Settings are usually the same across the board, so if your domain is, your email server host is It serves both pop3 and smpt for your domain.

        If the server that serves your domain happens to be offline (for maintenance purposes for instance) your mail will get

      • How long does it take for a domain to start working?
        When I register my new domain name, or renew an expired domain, how long will it take to go live on the internet?

        When you register a new domain name, many times it will become active right away; however, it can take up to 48 hours for most new names to be active and go live. This is call

  • 2010
    • December
      • Control Panel
        We've recently decided to build our very own web hosting control panel. We're sick and tired of all the crappy ones out there. You know who they are, no need to name names. :D

        While most of our CP is almost ready for prime time, we're going to test it and re-tes

    • September
      • Hardware Problems
        Jack has been locking up today. We assume there are some hardware problems. If a simple reboot won't fix the problem, he's going to be moved to a new machine.

        Stay tuned and check here for updates.

        Meanwhile, mail is inaccessible from webmail, pop or smtp.

    • July
      • Data Vault
        You may have noticed that all data vault driven services are currently unavailable. This is due to a major load balancer failure.

        This prevents you from accessing your DV account, your picture gallery, etc.
        No data is lost, you just don't have any means of getting to it. T

    • May
      • Firefox 3.6.3 ...oh boy...
        If you've been using our services for as long as some of you have, you would have noticed how we decided to only allow Firefox to connect to Data Vault.
        That is about to change since lately Firefox is just bad news all around. Issues, crashes, incompatible plugins, etc...are just

    • March
      • Filer2 Maintnance
        RPC and NFS file locking problems seem to have been the cause of unavailable mailboxes and errors while using webmail.
        Problems have been restored to normal.

        Enjoy the ride!


        We are currently performing some maintenance on filer2. Th

  • 2009
    • October
      • Mail Server Problem
        Minutes ago we noticed some problems with our primary mail server. We're working on repairing this issue so stay tuned.

        Meanwhile all your incoming mail shall be queued on our backup server, but will only be forwarded to your account after all services have been restored.

    • July
      • Data Vault and Firefox
        As of today, all access to Data Vault has been limited to Mozilla Firefox (all late versions). This is due to some incompatibility and security issues with all the other browsers, thus we've decided to prevent anyone from connecting unless they use Firefox.


    • June
      • Data Vault Update
        Finally after lots of users winning and crying out loud, we decided to fix the archive upload issue. It wasn't really an issue, however, here's what happened.

        The "Archive Uploader" module worked fine, but while uploading one did not receive any feedback, if the

    • May
      • New Email Restrictions

        It has come to our attention that lots of users take advantage of our generous and flexible e-mail services to share files.
        Again, e-mail is not intended to share files, especially large files. It's not designed to cope with high volumes of data as some of you would like it to be.
      • Security Certificate for Etonic Networks
        As you already know, we are very concerned with your data security and safety. Therefore, we had implemented SSL certificates to prevent anyone from eves dropping on your e-mails or data vault activity.

        We decided to self-sign our own certificates, therefore not all Internet Browsers unde

    • April
      • E-mail Server Issue
        Primary e-mail server went down around 6PM. We're currently spooling all incoming mail on our MX server until we figure out what's going on.
        We're currently working on this problem, thus resolution is not in sight yet.
        Check back here for details as we make progress. We alwa

      • Sending Large Attachments via E-mail
        We had notices a few complains about our spam filtering system regarding large attachments.
        First of all, we don't recommend anyone sending any file attachments larger than 1Mb in size via e-mail. That's just ignorant in our opinion.
        E-mail is not intended to relay large attachme

      • News
        Etonic Networks is going into a new and totally different direction once again. Like always we've been trying for the past 10 years to just provide cutting edge services to all of our precious customers.

        Soon, we're going to provide broadband internet access and consumer grade V

      • Happy Birthday to us - Etonic Networks is 10 years old today.
        We just turned 10 today. That means we're all grown up and ready to do more business for more customers.

        Stay tuned. There are some major changes coming up this Summer. We are very excited to announce that we are going to offer some new and exciting services very soon.
    • March
      • Mail Server Issues
        As of 10:30PM we have been experiencing problems with our primary e-mail server. You may have received a lot of spam due to this problem, among other things.
        Login from the web, pop3 and smtp to this mache have been currently disabled. Your e-mail is being queued to out MX server. No e-mails sh

    • February
      • Scheduled Routine Maintenance
        Today we have another scheduled downtime. This is due to a core switch upgrade. The Cisco Catalyst Engine is being upgraded to a newer, faster, more versatile version.
        That doesn't only improve the quality of service, but it becomes more flexible to future upgrades.

      • We Support Fedora Project
        We are happy to announce that we are officially a full Fedora mirror. This is located here: .

        We have both i386 and 64bit rpms available from FC1 to F10. That includes everything :D


      • Mail Server Issues
        As of Sunday night we've been experiencing slow connections to webmail and some customers have reported lost or undelivered e-mails.

        We're investigating the situation and working towards a resolution. Please check back here for updates.


      • Network Outage
        Update - 2/17/09

        The routers are back up and running at full speed. No issues so far.


        We have scheduled a network upgrade for this weekend. It's scheduled for Sunday night at 9PM EST.
        We don't expect the downtime window to be longer

  • 2008
    • December
      • Router Finally Fixed
        It's been more than a week since we're repaired the core router. Now everything seems to be running smooth. No more interruptions, no more issues.

        The fail-over router is still under works but we're confident we're going to get it in production before the end of

    • November
      • Random Downtime
        Many of you may have noticed the problem, unable to connect to or your own domain hosted with us.

        Our core router is extremely unreliable. It started off by rejecting connections on the internal fiber interface.
        After a quick and dirty kernel upgrade, the situation got w

      • New Horizons
        We have started a new project a couple of days ago. We got the domain we wanted, and parked it on a server so far.
        The idea is to create a website that provides web hosting for average Joe the plumber, not for Mike the PHP the programmer.
        No buzz words, no coding, no confusion. We're

    • September
      • Datacenter Relocation and Downtime
        As you already know we have relocated our datacenter. We now have tier1 Internet connectivity and more space.
        All that came at a cost of downtime. We went offline roughly Friday afternoon and did not come back up until really fully functional today (Tuesday).

        Some of the problems wer

    • June
      • Network Area Storage
        Last night we started upgrading one of our new fiber layer 2 switches. This connects our Vault load balancer to our cust01 and cust02 servers back to our main Cisco switch.
        As you already know these 2 servers provide the Vault and Gallery services.

        We upgraded them from 2 x 100Mbps l

      • Power Outage
        Some of you may have noticed that was unreachable from late in the day until this early morning.

        There was a major power outage in the whole block, and our entire DC was out of power for roughly 6 hours.

        We managed to keep it alive for a while but when we

      • Archive Upload on Vault
        As some of you have already noticed. Our Data Vault now allows you to upload archives, not just individual pictures.

        It currently supports the following archive formats: zip, rar, tar, tgz, and gz. There are more to be added soon, but we believe these are the most popular.


      • Picture Gallery Issue
        The Picture Gallery is currently unavailable. We have a problem with the session on our servers.
        We are currently working on this issue.

        The issue has not been resolved as of 9:30AM

        Please check back here for updates.


      • Data Vault Load Balancer
        Some of your heavy vault users may have noticed the issue.

        In the past 3-4 days we had some problems with the load balancing among the vault file servers.
        The symptoms were a combination of: unable to login, being kicked off, bouncing between servers and of course slow logins and ti

    • April
      • We are getting DDOSed as of 10:30AM
        We're under DDoS attack. Several hosts bounce back to our 2 main e-mail servers. This is causing lots of traffic and undeliverable e-mails.
        We are currently working on resolving this issue.

    • February
      • We hate spam, I tell ya...
        Spam is being a bitch and we hate it!
        Now that the e-mail server is back on its feet, we took the time to update spamasassin and reworked the procmail scripts.
        Now, you have individual "spam" folders where you can "collect" all kinds of spam. If you don't mind, we&

      • E-mail Server
        As you may have noticed, e-mail services were unavailable late Friday through early Sunday this past week.
        The reason, primary e-mail server has failed with Kernel Panic.

        Not good! Bad! Very bad actually...

        Good thing we had several backups and got right back on track with

    • January
      • NAS Maintenance
        This is a scheduled maintenance service that needs to be done on out NAS.
        The downtime will render all cust01, cust02, data vault, users, to be unreachable.

        The following servers will not be accessible during this upgrade:

      • Data Vault Changes
        For those of you who use our "data vault", you may have noticed the issues.
        Video files were being corrupted when downloaded. All other types had no problems however.
        The issue has been resolved as of the time of this post.

        The vault is still under heavy developm

  • 2007
    • December
      • Uplink Provider Problems
        Downtime seems to have improved lately until we started having issues with one of our uplink providers.

        3 out of 4 segments were down. We've opened a support ticket with them and working in conjunction to get this issue fixed.
        Check back here for updates. This is an ongoin

      • Core Router Issues
        Details on what happened to the core router. To be honest, I don't exactly know. It just won't initialize all network interfaces and that caused iptables to to be all screwed up.
        Out of 5 currently used segments only 3 would come up in random order; very weird indeed.

      • Power Outage
        Yesterday during the ice storm we had a power outage for about an hour.
        All systems performed well on UPSes until we decided to go ahead and power down since it looked like this will take a while. We had to choose between waiting for the UPS power to run out and crash all the servers or proper

      • DNS2 Down :(
        DNS2 has been flaky in the past few hours. It is now taken down and looked at.
        It's services should resume by the end of the day.

        Check back for updates.

      • Filer Under Major Upgrade
        Finally our main filer NAS has undergone "surgery" in the last 24 hours. Now we're in the process of moving data to the new disk arrays and remap NFS for all web servers including the 2 vault servers.

        Affected servers are: cust01, cust02.

        If you are not able to l

      • Filer Hardware Problems
        Data Vault was down yesterday due to disk failures. Drives were replaces and we're back in business. We are scheduling a downtime however for maintenance and small updates on some of the machines.
        Servers affected: cust01, cust02, moonshine and pepsi. Everything else should be ok.

      • Uptime has been good
        We try most of the time to keep you informed about scheduled downtimes, thus we try to avoid them at all costs.

        Some of our customers still like to procrastinate about any and all little issues that arise. Remember, machines fail and sometimes they fail big. I guarantee you th

    • November
      • Etonic Networks Hosting
        Albert Einstein is always right.

      • Updates
        Finally got the UPS' in on Friday and within the hour we got them installed and operational.

        Also, the core router is now happily running on new hardware with lots of memory and fiber ports :D YAY!

        No network outages at this moment.
        Let's hope it stays that way

      • New Hardware for Core Router
        It's finally here. Friday night at 10:30PM we're going to swap the Core router and move it to better, faster, more reliable hardware.

        Downtime should be +/-30 minutes. Hopefully everything will work out as scheduled.

        Check back here for updates or changes...

      • UPS Batteries Update
        They are on their way. Theory says we should get them unloaded and installed early next week.

        Hopefully if everything works out, the downtime should he minimal, more like 10 minutes tops. We'll schedule it for Tuesday or Wednesday but check this post for detailed updates.

      • Server move done!
        Finally the server move is complete. All users should notice increased speed in page load, and better overall performance.

        Ererything else is running smoothly at this time.

      • Data Vvvvault Down :(
        Friday, Nov 2nd we had some problems with one of our Data Vault servers.

        This machine decided to reject all incoming connections at about 3:00pm EST.
        The main web server, being as smart as it is locked it out displaying a message that you should try out later when you tr

      • Upcoming Server Move
        Web server mojito and tequilla are being moved to new hardware. Most likely tonight. If you're housed on one of these machine, be aware of this scheduled downtime.

        As always, your e-mail services, webmail, database, etc should not be affected by this downtime.

    • October
      • Router Update
        We got some news about the router update. It hasn't happened yet.
        We decided we need to get new hardware all together and then transfer the router to it.

        As usual, check back here to find out when the downtime is going to be scheduled.
        We don't like to take anybody

      • Fedora Core
        As you know we only use Linux and more specifically Fedora Core OS' here at Etonic Networks.

        We thought we'll give you an update on what's going on here as far as the router upgrade. Well it's still underway, not really!
        Hopefully this week we'll

      • Core Router Issue
        The scheduled core router upgrade did not go according to plan. We encountered several problems along the way such as bad fiber boards, and routing tables issues.
        After a few hours of struggling, we decided it wasn't a good idea to keep our customers waiting any longer so we stopped the pr

      • Core router #1 faild on Tuesday
        Oh no! Core router #1 is humming, no lights, dead. After swearing up and down the datacenter we realized we should do something about it. Duhhh!

        Our second core router took over the load but not after we realized it was not redundant. We had to move an entire segment over (phys

      • Lights out?
        As we get more servers, more services and so many customers with high demands we noticed we have had some power outages lately.

        Thus, we have must get large UPS systems installed. The current ones just don't cut it anymore with the addition of so many new servers.


      • We just got new hardware
        This is just a stock image to make this look more pleasing. We recently just cut a check, (WE'VE CUT A BIG CHECK) and bought a bunch of new servers.

        Of course we did not want to settle for cheap sh*t but did not want to buy Dell or Compaq either.
        Making the long stor