Web is 30 Years Old - What We Love and Hate About It 
Since the World Wide Web just turned 30, we are going to tell you what we love and what we hate about it has become.

Let's face it, the Web is awesome. You can't live without it. Honestly, it has come to the point where we rely on it more and more for the most insignificant of tasks.
Then, we use it to monitor services, to get updated when things go South.
The World as a whole has never communicated as good as it does today if it weren't for the Internet in its form.

Go back 20-30 years and news was only available through newspapers or tv. It took a while to propagate at a global level. Now it's instant thanks to the Web.

We don't like how governments around the world try to regulate the Internet and make it such that it applies by their rules regardless of what those rules actually do to the Web's core existence.
Take for example the European GDPR law. It was done in such a way that now many non-European news papers or popular websites are no longer available within the EU. Some website owners choose to not comply to the GDPR rules, therefore rather than risk the fines, they choose not to cater to EU citizens. It has become a very ugly situation with people taking sides. The Web was intended to unite the World and help us share information easier, not block it and play devil's advocate all the time.

As we already know, China has implemented the "great Chinese firewall" to restrict access to its citizens as it sees fit.

It sure sounds like Russia is doing just about the same thing shortly while implementing the ability to completely disconnect the country from the Internet if need be.

I am sure the United States is working on something similar, if they haven't already implemented it. With the constant DDoS and cyber threats it is just a matter of time until a physical disconnect is the only way to really stop an attack.

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