New Carrier 
With a short downtime of less than 5 minutes we managed to get all services back up and purring. With new additional benefits to our core network, all services are back online.
If you experience outages please open a support ticket.

Thank you


Tomorrow, July 1st 2017 we are going to upgrade / improve our connectivity to the Internet.
We are doing everything we can to minimize downtime, however be prepared for intermittent connectivity throughout the second part of the day.
We're moving all of out infrastructure on to a new carrier and picking up a new set of IP addresses.
This move is very complicated and involves a lot of work on our end, not only on routers and firewalls, but lots of DNS changes for all hosted domains.
We are expecting to have the migration done flawlessly and without any downtime, but be prepared just in case things go South.

Check back here for updates as they become available.


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Intermittent Connectivity 
Finally last evening around 8PM the switch was replaced. Everything seems to be back to normal. The downtime was smaller than expected, only about 5 minutes or so.


Update! :(
As of yesterday, the new Cisco switch that was ordered came in, but it was the wrong type. We are working with the vendor to arrange for a quick exchange for the right unit.
This will delay the scheduled down time window by probably a couple of days. As of now, scratch the old note.
Check back here for updates as new info arises.



Some of you may have noticed that connectivity with us has been intermittent at times. For roughly 30-60 seconds once every few hours all connectivity drops.

No, we're not under DoS or anything of that sort. We're suffering hardware problems and we're working on it.
Because the problem is so random and so intermittent, it makes it harder to troubleshoot.
We believe at this time we have the problem isolated, and we're scheduling a downtime window of about 30 minutes to replace the faulty hardware.

Set your calendar for Friday April 8th, 2016 at 7:30PM to last until approximately 8:00PM.

Check back here for updates on this matter.


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