Vote Against SOPA 

We as owners of Etonic Networks urge congress to vote against SOPA. It will completely kill our business and many others like ours. This completely demolishes innovation and incentives to create and be productive in this country.
This is the first step in getting socialism and communism in America. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

Today more than 70% of all web services are done through American companies. If this bill gets passed, these businesses have no choice but to either close down or move abroad. WE ALL LOSE.
To our congressmen - we are your constituents, and we urge you to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act. These bills will kill jobs and stifle innovation, undermine cyber security, risk censoring the American Internet, and provide cover for totalitarian regimes that want to undermine Internet freedom abroad.

By no means do we support piracy or illegal content, but on the same token why is it fair for us (the web hosting service provider) to be responsible for user content? This is just ridiculous and unfair.

Think about it this way, if you own a blog that we host for you and somebody responds to a post linking to what may be considered "copyrighted" material - whatever that may be, we will be forced to completely take down your site, your domain and immediately remove it from our service. And no, you do not get a warning, or an email to ask you politely to remove the content. Simply, gone!

How do you feel about that? Well, make yourself heard before it's too late. The congress is going to vote on this matter on January 24th. ACT NOW! (see link below)


Make yourself heard here:

Also, watch this video to understand it better:

Wikipedia on SOPA:


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