Spammers and Email Abusers 

We as a service provider try to always comply with the Internet regulations and be as flexible as possible while communicating with other servers over the Internet; all while trying to stay secure.

The Internet is a huge network of interconnected smaller networks that communicate with each other in many different ways, but as a whole it was never intended to be secure. Security came into play much later and it is still trying to play catch up to this day.

Everyday we try to improve the quality of our services while fighting spam and abuse every which way.

Due to the fact that we have thousands upon thousands of net blocks that are banned from using our services, along with them legitimate services may fall into the abyss.

If you are a network operator, service provider, ISP, or just a simple user who's email happens to bounce when sent into our network, please don't panic. We can help you on a case by case scenario.
Just first make sure you read and understand our spam policy: HERE. Then, please use our contact form to get in touch with support.

It is unfortunate that legitimate services sometimes have to suffer because of the abuse, but we live in a World where it is becoming increasingly more difficult to fight the bad guys than it is to offer services.


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