Archive Upload on Vault 
As some of you have already noticed. Our Data Vault now allows you to upload archives, not just individual pictures.

It currently supports the following archive formats: zip, rar, tar, tgz, and gz. There are more to be added soon, but we believe these are the most popular.

Once you log into your data vault, on the left side menu, click "Archive Upload". Just follow the instructions the the page to upload your archive.

Some of the benefits include:
-no archive limit
-fast uploads
-load balanced of course :)
-the new gallery takes the name of your archive
eg. If you upload your new gallery will be created in /pictures/mypictures where all the pictures from within will be placed.

NOTE: Do not use the regular image uploader to send archives as it will result in errors and your gallery being unavailable.

If you encounter problems, please contact support.


Etonic Networks - Happy Hosting Team

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