What are my email servers and settings for my domain? 
Settings are usually the same across the board, so if your domain is myname.com, your email server host is mail.myname.com. It serves both pop3 and smpt for your domain.

If the server that serves your domain happens to be offline (for maintenance purposes for instance) your mail will get queued on our MX (mail exchange server) which is mx.etonic.net.

You do not have access to retrieve mail while temporarily queued on this cluster, however as soon as your server goes back online - all of your queued mail will automatically be forwarded to your default account. You do not need to do anything.

It may take up to 1 hour for your mail to show up. This is due to load, amount of data, time of day, etc.

If your mail does not show up within 1-2 hours, please do one of the following:
1. Log into your webmail account and check your spam box.
2. If #1 does not find your missing email, contact support for further assistance.


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