Etonic Networks is going into a new and totally different direction once again. Like always we've been trying for the past 10 years to just provide cutting edge services to all of our precious customers.

Soon, we're going to provide broadband internet access and consumer grade VoIP services.
This is very big news and we hope most of our current customers will see the advantages of using our services further.

If you are currently a customer, you can benefit from discounted prices. ;)

More details soon.

Stay tuned.

Etonic Networks Team.

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Happy Birthday to us - Etonic Networks is 10 years old today. 
We just turned 10 today. That means we're all grown up and ready to do more business for more customers.

Stay tuned. There are some major changes coming up this Summer. We are very excited to announce that we are going to offer some new and exciting services very soon.

For those of you who stayed with us all this time and endured our crashes, and hard times, we love your for believing in us.

We exist because you need our services, so once again we're going to expand on that...:p

Etonic Networks Team.

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