E-mail Server Issue 
Primary e-mail server went down around 6PM. We're currently spooling all incoming mail on our MX server until we figure out what's going on.
We're currently working on this problem, thus resolution is not in sight yet.
Check back here for details as we make progress. We always keep you posted.


As of 3AM - Sat, 25th we have determined that /var partition has been corrupted and we are replacing the hard drives as I am typing this update.
Image and restore should take another 30-35 minutes...



4:20AM - Server back online, all systems are go.


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Sending Large Attachments via E-mail 
We had notices a few complains about our spam filtering system regarding large attachments.
First of all, we don't recommend anyone sending any file attachments larger than 1Mb in size via e-mail. That's just ignorant in our opinion.
E-mail is not intended to relay large attachments across the "Internet Cloud". Thank God there are several services that offer file hosting, including our very own data vault.:p

Having said that, the issue has been resolved and your large attachments are now known to be routed to your inbox instead of your spam box.

If there are still issues, please contact support.


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