Email Service Migration 
Status: Completed!

Our email infrastructure will soon be migrated to a different platform to improve performance.
We have scheduled a window of about 5 hours. Email will not be available for domain during this period.
All other hosted domains should not be affected by this migration.

As always, your incoming email will not bounce, or get lost. We are queueing all incoming mail on our MX server for later delivery.
Once services are restored, and you may log back into your account. It may take up to an hour for your queued email to arrive. Do not panic, there are thousands of emails that need to be sorted, so it takes time.
If you don't receive expected email withing 24 hours, just contact support.

Downtime set to begin on 4/12/2013 @ 9:30PM through 2:30AM.



The migration took a bit longer than expected, as we ran into some problems, but everything should be up and running as of 4/13/2013 @ 3:30AM.
If by any chance you are experiencing problems with your email account, do not hesitate to contact support for assistance.


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Happy Birthday - Etonic Networks is Turning 14 today! 
WOW, we're turning 14 today.

You can leave comments here and send us your wished or hate messages. We take those too.


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