Power Distribution Unit Failure 

The problem turned out to be a faulty UPS. The problem is temporarily resolved to get the services up and running again.

We are scheduling a planned maintenance window of about 2 hours for this unit shortly. Stay tuned.

Admin @ 7:00PM

As of 11:15AM this morning, one of our PDC-s failed in a strange mode, taking out an entire rack worth of gear - lights out.

Currently, we are working to move the entire rack to a new power source, and bypass the failed PDC.
Affected systems are: host72, core02, vault, dns2, mx, filer01, and filer02.
If you use any services on any of these machines, chances are your host in unreachable at this time.

Please stay tuned for updates on this post.


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.COM and .NET 
Ever wonder how complicated it would be to go from one simple idea on a sheet of paper to a real website with your very own .COM?

Well it's much easier than it looks. Empowered by Verisign and hosted by Etonic Networks, you can get that done in a matter of minutes.

Watch this video for instance

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