2AXS Cloud Services 
2AXS services currently unavailable.

7:48AM - We're currently working to determine the root cause of this issue.
Please stay tuned for updates.

7:59AM - The problem has been resolved. All systems are operational.


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New Carrier 
With a short downtime of less than 5 minutes we managed to get all services back up and purring. With new additional benefits to our core network, all services are back online.
If you experience outages please open a support ticket.

Thank you


Tomorrow, July 1st 2017 we are going to upgrade / improve our connectivity to the Internet.
We are doing everything we can to minimize downtime, however be prepared for intermittent connectivity throughout the second part of the day.
We're moving all of out infrastructure on to a new carrier and picking up a new set of IP addresses.
This move is very complicated and involves a lot of work on our end, not only on routers and firewalls, but lots of DNS changes for all hosted domains.
We are expecting to have the migration done flawlessly and without any downtime, but be prepared just in case things go South.

Check back here for updates as they become available.


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