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    • December
      • Uplink Provider Problems
        Downtime seems to have improved lately until we started having issues with one of our uplink providers.

        3 out of 4 segments were down. We've opened a support ticket with them and working in conjunction to get this issue fixed.
        Check back here for updates. This is an ongoin

      • Core Router Issues
        Details on what happened to the core router. To be honest, I don't exactly know. It just won't initialize all network interfaces and that caused iptables to to be all screwed up.
        Out of 5 currently used segments only 3 would come up in random order; very weird indeed.

      • Power Outage
        Yesterday during the ice storm we had a power outage for about an hour.
        All systems performed well on UPSes until we decided to go ahead and power down since it looked like this will take a while. We had to choose between waiting for the UPS power to run out and crash all the servers or proper

      • DNS2 Down :(
        DNS2 has been flaky in the past few hours. It is now taken down and looked at.
        It's services should resume by the end of the day.

        Check back for updates.

      • Filer Under Major Upgrade
        Finally our main filer NAS has undergone "surgery" in the last 24 hours. Now we're in the process of moving data to the new disk arrays and remap NFS for all web servers including the 2 vault servers.

        Affected servers are: cust01, cust02.

        If you are not able to l

      • Filer Hardware Problems
        Data Vault was down yesterday due to disk failures. Drives were replaces and we're back in business. We are scheduling a downtime however for maintenance and small updates on some of the machines.
        Servers affected: cust01, cust02, moonshine and pepsi. Everything else should be ok.

      • Uptime has been good
        We try most of the time to keep you informed about scheduled downtimes, thus we try to avoid them at all costs.

        Some of our customers still like to procrastinate about any and all little issues that arise. Remember, machines fail and sometimes they fail big. I guarantee you th

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