Data Vault Changes 
For those of you who use our "data vault", you may have noticed the issues.
Video files were being corrupted when downloaded. All other types had no problems however.
The issue has been resolved as of the time of this post.

The vault is still under heavy development and you should expect improvments within the next few days.
Some of the modules we're adding are: password changer, the ability to upload and manage you own photo album, and of course be able to upload multiple pictures at once.

We expect all of the above mentioned modules to be functional by this Friday (Jan 11th, 2008).

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Uplink Provider Problems 
Downtime seems to have improved lately until we started having issues with one of our uplink providers.

3 out of 4 segments were down. We've opened a support ticket with them and working in conjunction to get this issue fixed.
Check back here for updates. This is an ongoing issue at this time, so if things don't seem to respond, packets don't seem to find their way to our network, this is why.
Servers affected: pepsi, moonshine, tequila, mail01 and mail02.
We'll keep you posted.

EN Support Team

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