Gmail Willingly Sending Spam 
What in the world is happening? In the past 6 months we've noticed a decent amount of spam coming into our network from no one other than

They just look the other way allowing all sorts of spammers to submit email through Gmail.

The spam is ridiculous from advertising nail clippers to t-shirts.
Come on Google, you can do better than that...or can you? Do you even care?

As an Admin I am sick and tired of having to deal with spam on a daily basis. For most spammers I just simply drop the hammer and block them if they're repeat offenders.

What do you do with There is legitimate email coming from them as well as a decent amount of spam.

Several Gmail/Google owned IP addresses are black listed on RBLs and for good reason. They spam!

Here's a list of Gmail IP addresses that we've received spam from in just the last few days:

Copy and paste any one of these Gmail IP addresses and check for yourself against the blacklists. They are all listed on at least 2-3 lists. Go figure! This works well:

This leads me to my next point - why is it that when you Google "gmail sending spam" or "blacklisted gmail IP addresses" nothing relevant comes up? All you get is a bunch of irrelevant stuff regarding how to get your own IP removed from Gmail's black list if listed. Come on, really?

I have attempted to contact gmail about this but they 1) make it so goddamn difficult that one simply gives up, and 2) they don't seem to care anyway, so why bother?

This leaves us with a boolean decision to make, to block or not to block that is the question.

So until Google/Gmail decides to tame their outbound spam, we the small guys will have no choice but to throttle or completely block email coming from them.

If I were Gmail I would be embarrassed to say the least. I'd keep my head in the send. This is not just a slip-up, it's an ongoing situation that needs to stop.

They don't care who's sending junk through their network, they shove it down the pipe to the little guy, let them deal with it.

Well no more, Gmail!


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S.3398 - EARN IT Act of 2020 - What it means to web hosts like us 
What it is, and what it means to web service providers, web hosts, datacenters, etc.
For starters, this opens up the gates of hell when it comes to law suits. Anything that is being hosted, data passing through, in transit or at rest, you can he sued if some random lawyer believes so. Is this now opening the gates of hell to also kill encryption? You bet it does! Read on...

For starters, here's the law:

Earn-it-Act goes against Section 230 as far as I can tell and it is trying to eliminate or replace it.

What that means is that now, if it passes, all service providers will have to police everything anyone posts on their websites, or risk being sued. This will basically shut down half the Internet.

I'd like to see giants like Facebook and Twitter handle it properly.

What I really think is happening here, is the fact that freedom of speech is being hindered independently by Facebook, Twitter and others based on what they believe should be censored.

This bill will pretty much level the playing field. The reason Pres. Trump is up in arm about when his tweets get flagged for being "inappropriate", yet others are allowed - makes for an unfair system.

I would hate to have to be responsible for what others posts on our platforms. I am sure other providers feel the same, but on the same token, what happened to freedom of speech? Either we censor everyone or no.

Steve Gibson explains a bit more about this here:
(See the pdf transcript)

For hosting geeks like us, we do what we do out of passion. We just love what we do. If we had to police our hosting platform and remove any and all offending content, for 1 we would be out of business, and 2 we would be destroying our customer's freedom of speech.

So let's hope this won't break the Internet as we know it, folks!

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