Data Cloud Upload Issue 
Ever since Chrome V24* came out, we noticed upload problems.

Most people were unable to upload files larger than 1Mb in size. The upload would simply present you with a "successful" message, but the file would end up being corrupted if larger than 1Mb in size.

Firefox however worked perfectly, so we recommend using either one for future reference.
Before submitting a bug report with support, it would be wise to try both browsers and see if you can replicate the problem.
Web browsers these days have many features, but just as many bugs, so don't be surprised if one works, but not the other. We gave up on IE long time ago, so we don't even mention it.

Either way, the problem mentioned above that only seemed to affect Chrome users is now resolved on our end. We ended up modifying an upload routine to make up for whatever Chrome is doing internally - and failing at it.



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